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Wow, I haven't updated this site in so long. We have successfully completed our move to Hawaii and are all settling in well.

Garrett will be 16 in February. David just turned 14. And, Kristina will be 10 in February. Man, we're getting old.

David is getting ready to leave the 27th for a visit with him mom in NY. Garrett will also be leaving then too and we'll see him back around summer most likely. David is playing baseball and Kristina is playing basketball and softball. Garrett will be starting soccer soon too. Can you say B - U - S - Y?

So they're all getting older...I guess we are too. Wow, time really does seem to move faster as you get older...or is it that we're just a lot more busy these days?



  • January 10th: Margaret's Birthday
  • February 14th: Garrett's Birthday, 16th: Mom's Birthday
  • 18th: Kristina's Birthday; 19th: Paw's Birthday
  • 20th: Bobby's Birthday
  • March 14th: Kathy's Birthday


We don't have any huge announcements right now but stay posted.

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13 jan 07 - new site created.

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